When the Pain Doesn’t Go and how to use Faster EFT

If you’ve been using the FasterEFT technique on physical pain, and you’ve found that there seems to be no change in the pain, that doesn’t mean it’s not working — it means you need to adjust your aim slightly. Physical pain is controlled by the brain, even though the cause of the pain may be physical. In… Continue reading When the Pain Doesn’t Go and how to use Faster EFT

Where do I Start to Address Weight Loss with FasterEFT?

Although problems with weight have causes that are subconscious, the great thing about FasterEFT is that you don’t need to know what those causes are in order to address them. As with all issues you address with FasterEFT, you start with how you know it’s there. The reason you eat more than your body needs… Continue reading Where do I Start to Address Weight Loss with FasterEFT?

A.D.D. / ADHD and FasterEFT

Although science has not yet discovered exactly what causes AD/HD or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (the updated name for ADD*) it is recognized as a “neurobiologically-based developmental disability” that involves a chemical imbalance or a deficiency in certain neurotransmitters. While FasterEFT does not claim to heal AD/HD since it is not an illness, but a coping… Continue reading A.D.D. / ADHD and FasterEFT