The Wonders of Faster EFT in Food Addiction

Understanding Addiction

The wonders of FasterEFT in driving results to aid any type of addiction is invaluable. The key to resolving addiction is to eliminate the deep standing emotional and psychological triggers to restore peace, balance and harmony in your life. The video below discusses a topic that almost everyone can relate to.

Whether your addiction is to food, substance or a behavioral pattern, addiction stands the same within our lives. Robert Smith a Faster EFT practitioner shares insights on understanding and overcoming addiction as he stands outside the Lindt Factory in Switzerland:

Anything can be a cause of addiction. Anything that we are drawn into that makes us lose judgement and control over our actions is addiction.Discovering the roots of addiction and admitting there is a problem are the first steps into recovery.

Self-investigation will lead you to discover emotions and behavioral patterns that might be triggering addiction. When issues have been identified you can begin the process of tapping it away. Such are the wonders of Faster EFT

Understanding Food Addiction

While it may be true that the substance contained in a wide variety of food may cause food addiction, it is only among other factors. What may be addictive to one person may not be totally appealing to another. Because of this, emotional and psychological factors need to be put into consideration.

Food often becomes the easiest thing to turn to when we need support to pacify emotional needs. That is why we hear people who are emotionally devastated to turn to chocolate cake or chocolate products to lift their spirits up.

Resulting from patterns we have developed within our minds, eating becomes a habit to preoccupy our thoughts. Overeating is among the easiest way to cope for some people who have food addiction. If not addressed properly it can result to aggressive behavior and obesity among the lengthy health risks.

Recovering From Food Addiction with FasterEFT

FasterEFT helps in recovery of food addiction as we discover the connections assumed by our minds towards food. Once we learn how to understand and remove these patterns within our thoughts, the person may be able to retain feeling good without having to continue with the addictive pattern.

Considering what Robert Smith is discussing in the video above about the woman addicted with Mountain Dew, he tapped down addiction using parts and pieces process. In this process they discovered the core of the addiction related to this “twang”. It then led to the discovery that this twang reminded of maternal affection that she relates with her mother’s lemon meringue pie and sitting on her mother’s lap when she was young.

When Robert Smith was tapping away her food addiction using FasterEFt, she was able to retain the good feelings related to her mother’s love but completely eradicating her need for the “twang”.

The wonders of FasterEFT in food addiction is related to disentanglement from emotional attachment that triggers the action. FasterEFT tapping is key to discovering the messages coming from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind to break the habitual and addictive patterns.

FasterEFT Dissolves the Meaning We Associate with Food

In food addiction, we supply a different meaning to food and eating. In short, it isn’t he food or the substance contained in the food that fuels addiction to it, but the feeling acquired in the experience. Robert introduces in the video above that it is possible with FasterEFT to alter how we feel about thingsthat makes us addicted.

The wonders of fasterEFT in food addiction or any type of addiction is not temporary. As you develop your tapping skills there is a guarantee ofliberation from the addiction to avoid physical, emotional or psychological risks present in other forms of treatment.


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