A.D.D. / ADHD and FasterEFT

Although science has not yet discovered exactly what causes AD/HD or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (the updated name for ADD*) it is recognized as a “neurobiologically-based developmental disability” that involves a chemical imbalance or a deficiency in certain neurotransmitters.

While FasterEFT does not claim to heal AD/HD since it is not an illness, but a coping system created from stressed programming, it can empower an individual with the condition to cope significantly better with the symptoms and the knock-on effects.

From improving the ability to focus on a project, to being able to control shaking and other physical hyperactivity in a job interview, to feeling more calm and lowering stress, the FasterEFT process can help to increase the quality of life for those who are living with the vast range of AD/HD symptoms.


How Does FasterEFT Work with AD/HD?

There are two ways in which FasterEFT can help those with AD/HD:

In the Moment

When a person with AD/HD is experiencing symptoms, using the FasterEFT technique in the moment can help to lower the intensity of the symptoms and even relieve them completely. For example, a 23 year old man with AD/HD had never been able to sit through a job interview without physically shaking and being unable to focus enough to answer questions coherently.

Having learned to use the FasterEFT technique on himself, and having done no previous work with the process, he was able to use the technique just before he went into the job interview, and had a very different experience than he’d ever had before.

He felt calmer, was able to focus and answer the questions more directly, and experienced no physical shaking at all. When you start to feel a symptom (or anything else that bothers you) use the technique in the moment — you can use Mental Tapping if you are in public or are unable to tap physically for any other reason.

Foundation Transformation

Just like everyone else, those with AD/HD have problems that are caused by the records of past experiences. Using the FasterEFT process to address those memories will help with current problems, including dealing with theirAD/HD symptoms more effectively.

Start by picking the problem that bothers you most right now. Then, think back to when you remember noticing it for the first time — it doesn’t matter whether that was when you were 5 years old, or yesterday! Then, use theFasterEFT Technique to address that memory and flip it.

Do the same with each issue that bothers you. You can address any problem in this way — from physical ailments to emotional hurts and worries, to symptoms of AD/HD.

Regardless of what your problem is, and regardless of how hopeless it may appear right now, there is always a way to improve your experience of it using FasterEFT. In addition to this, since FasterEFT works with the brain and body, it makes changes to the structure and chemical state of the brain as you use it.

For more information on this, visit FasterEFT and Your Brain. Try using it right now to test it — pick a small problem, issue or symptom, and use the technique as described in The FasterEFT Technique — Step-by-Step and notice the differences. Then, move on to free yourself from the other problems, issues and symptoms you’re experiencing.

To find out more about how and why FasterEFT works, read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems and visit: The FasterEFT System.

For more guidance on using FasterEFT visit: Tips on Using FasterEFT and FAQ

To see FasterEFT in action, watch the videos in the FasterEFT in Action Playlist.

* Source: http://www.add-adhd.org/ADHD_attention-deficit.html

Article by: Robert G. Smith

Originally published at fastereft.com on May 30, 2016.


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