Faster EFT Shares the Story of Rose From Being Wheeled into a Seminar in a Wheelchair, to Freedom from Lupus

When Rose Hargrove from Denver, Colorado attended her first FasterEFT seminar, she was so ill she had to be wheeled into the room in a wheelchair.Rose was suffering from lupus — an autoimmune disease with no known medical cure.

The steroids she was on for the lupus had affected her bones, and she’d had to have surgery for a spontaneous fracture in the L1 vertebra of her back. Rose had come across FasterEFT through Robert Smith’s YouTube videos, and had found it effective in helping with some of the symptoms from her lupus; so she had come to the Level 1 training seminar to learn more.


The Onset of Illness

15 years ago, Rose was working nights as a charge nurse in psychiatric emergency. As is the case with many health professionals, Rose’s work was extremely stressful, and she was under a lot of pressure. She started to experience severe joint pain — pain that was so bad she would cry.

She also developed extreme fatigue and fevers, and had difficulty walking. In addition to this, she began to experience migraines that were so severe, she was sent to the emergency room. Although she was seen by three or four doctors, they couldn’t figure out what was causing the symptoms.

Rose was finally referred to a rheumatologist, and was diagnosed with lupus. She was prescribed steroids and Plaquenil — a drug used to treat most people with lupus. She stabilized; but after a short time, her bones started showing the effects of the steroids, resulting in the spontaneous fracture in her back. She had two surgeries for this injury which had caused the narrowing of her spinal canal.

Rose’s physical condition worsened after the surgeries, causing her to spend most of her time in bed, in hospital and in surgery. She experienced paralysis in her left leg, and she was developing lupus vasculitis — a condition in which the body’s immune system attacks the blood vessels.

The migraine headaches became malignant, she was losing her sight in one eye, and experienced focal seizures in her right arm. Since none of the drugs she was taking were working for the pain, she was put on sustained release morphine tablets for the extreme headaches.

Traditional EFT

In an attempt to resolve the underlying issues that she believed were causing her illness, Rose sought out alternative options to supplement the medical treatment she was receiving. In addition to private sessions with traditional EFT, NLP and Meta Medicine practitioners, and attending the Level One training in Meta Medicine, Rose also attended the Level 1 training in traditional EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in Denver, Colorado.

However, she found that, although Meta Medicine had provided some relief,the illness was overwhelming and relentless.She found traditional EFT to be a slow process, and found it difficult to focus on what problem was — and to reach the emotional depth she knew she needed to reach. She was looking for something faster.

Something Faster

When Rose heard about FasterEFT, she started following the videos on YouTube, and used the FasterEFT 7 Day QuickStart Course (a free email course from — and started to notice a difference. Sometime later, she heard that Robert Smith was offering FasterEFT specifically to people with SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) and decided she was going to do whatever it took to get to a live training seminar:


“I contacted Laura Worley* and started a Go Fund Me to pay for expenses. Fritz Miller* became my helper and mentor. He helped me gather the courage to go on. I attended level 1 in 2014 in Las Vegas. I was so ill that my roommate would wheel me into class in a wheelchair.” — Rose Hargrove

*Certified FasterEFT Practitioners


Rose received a cross-fire session (a FasterEFT session with two or more practitioners working simultaneously) during the course of the week-long seminar, and this initiated changes for her.

The Key

Having kick-started her recovery during the training seminar, Rose was determined to fully free herself from the illness. Fueled by the confidence from the results she’d seen so far, and her commitment to healing herself, Rose forged ahead with her recovery by using FasterEFT consistently on herself once she returned home.

“I did not receive magical results but found I had to work and tap relentlessly, but gained solid results. When I attended the next training I had reached remission.”

Lupus Lab Work

In February 2016, while Rose was attending the new Level 1 FasterEFT training seminar in Oklahoma City (where she no longer needed a wheelchair to attend the event) she noticed her phone was buzzing on “silent” several times during the class. When she checked the messages later, there were several attempts by her doctor, to get hold of her.

He had clearly been trying to speak with her in person; but finally left a message to let her know that her lab work had come back with no signs of lupus. She no longer had the inflammatory markers for lupus.

Rose, Today


“I’m happy; I feel good. I still have some damage from the surgery that was done, and I’m working on that. I have energy, I don’t have flares, I don’t have photosensitivity, or any of the other symptoms.

I’ve had a lot of sessions with other practitioners as well as working on myself, and I am now free of a lot of the traumas I had. This doesn’t mean I’ve stopped working on myself — I continue to work on myself. The important thing is to adopt this as a way of life. I’m happy now. When I’m upset, I tap on it. Tapping has become my way of life.”

Rose expresses her gratitude to Robert G. Smith (founder of FasterEFT). Although Robert never tapped on her, he has been consistent and compassionate in his encouragement, and in guiding her in working on herself.

“Robert Smith is compassionate, caring, but most of all a true genius. He put together a system that addresses thoughts in the subconscious mind”

Rose has become passionate about helping others who suffer from autoimmune diseases to free themselves in the same way she did. She is also developing a program for nurses and other health professionals, that includes FasterEFT as a vehicle to address the stress encountered in healthcare careers.

“I wanted to get better. I found FasterEFT, and I found healing.
Today, I am encountering new aspects of myself and new abilities.”

Visit Rose’s website at:

Listen to Rose talk about her experiences here:

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For detailed instructions on using the technique, read: The FasterEFT Technique — Step-by-Step.

To watch Robert Smith explain how FasterEFT works, and to tap along with his videos, visit: The FasterEFT YouTube Channel.

Article by: Robert G. Smith


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