Faster EFT Can Definitely Boost Effects of Meditation

Although meditation has been around for centuries, science has only recently discovered the benefits of it. It’s now been proven to affect the brain and body in very specific ways, not only in the short-term, but in the long-term as well.The accumulative effects of consistent meditation practice have been found to be highly beneficial to physical, mental and emotional health.

For most people, meditating seems daunting — the idea of sitting still with an empty head for any significant length of time seems like a tall ask for the average person. However, starting with just two minutes, and then building on that slowly is the easiest and least intimidating way of doing it. Having said that, there is a way you can improve the effects of your meditation as well as transform your life.

Faster EFT Boost The Effects of Your Meditation Practice

For many people, one of the challenges with meditation is quietening the mind — especially when they’re stressed and dealing with various challenges in their work or personal life. Using the FasterEFT technique to clear the mind and emotions before beginning your meditation session will help you to not only meditate more effectively; it will also help you to transform all areas of your life — a double bonus!

Using FasterEFT to Improve the Effects of Meditation

When you sit down to do your daily meditation, before you begin, just check how you’re feeling. Sit comfortably, take a deep breath, and notice how your body feels. Notice what thoughts are coming up for you as you think about starting your meditation. Whatever’s bothering you right now, instead of pushing it out of your mind — or even allowing it to drift out — notice it, then use the FasterEFT process to release it and let it go.

Keep repeating the technique until the thought, feeling or memory has completely flipped. Do this until your mind is completely at peace and your body fully comfortable.

If you make this process a part of your daily routine, before you do your meditation you will be astounded at just how powerful the effects of your meditation become, and at transformations you start to see in all areas of your life.

For more information on FasterEFT and how it works, read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems.

For detailed guidance on using FasterEFT effectively, read: The FasterEFT Technique — Step-by-Step.

To see FasterEFT in action, watch the videos in the FasterEFT in Action Playlist.


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