Faster EFT Gives Solution to Suffering Empaths

Being an empath can feel like both a gift and a curse. Being sensitive to the feelings of others can be overwhelming, frightening, exhausting, and damaging to emotional, mental and physical health. Many empaths find it very difficult to cope with their sensitivity, and the emotional pain it comes with, and would be grateful to experience relief from it.

Those who are happy with their ability, and who are able to handle it effectively will be fine to continue; however, for those who are struggling, feeling trapped, and who would change it if they could, there’s good news!You can transform your life and free yourself from the emotional pain and sensitivity, if you want to.


What is an Empath?

An empath is an emotionally sensitive person who feels the emotions of others. There are various beliefs regarding what causes this sensitivity; the most empowering explanation, however, is that given by Robert G. Smith, the founder of FasterEFT. While most empaths believe that being sensitive is just who they are, and they have no control over their emotions, or choice in what they’re feeling, the truth is, they are that waybecause they are programmed that way.

Their experiences in life so far have resulted in subconscious records that support emotional sensitivity. And the great news about that is: it can be changed! Those empaths who would like to free themselves of the overwhelming pain and sufferingthey endure through emotional sensitivity can use the FasterEFT technique to set themselves free.

As a baby grows, her subconscious interprets and files every experience as evidence of who she is and how the world works. Each baby’s subconscious references will be unique since each individual’s life experience is unique. These records provide the foundation of that person’s reality.

The subconscious is constantly referring to these records, and thenprompting the brain to trigger the major organs to release the chemicalsthat cause the sensations we recognize as emotions. The conscious mind then uses reason and logic to give these emotions meaning. For more information on how these records are created, read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems.

Can You Really Feel Someone Else’s Emotions?

Very often, an empath will feel worse than the person they’re feeling for. The truth is — you cannot truly feel another person’s emotions because their emotions are happening inside their body — and of course, you’re not inside their body. What they are feeling are the sensations caused by the chemicals produced by their own organs.

What you feel are the sensations caused by the chemicals produced by your own organs. The reason it feels like you feel their emotions is because your brain recognizes something in their body language, facial expressions, what they’re saying, or their tone of voice, and it translates it to something you’re familiar with. Then, it triggers your own organs to produce the chemicals that match that information.

What you’re feeling may in fact be very different to what that person is feeling — but it feels real because the sensations you’re feeling are real. And your conscious mind uses reason and logic to explain those feelings.

But I Don’t Want to Not Care

The best part of freeing yourself from the emotional sensitivity that has been causing you so much pain is that it will not make you unfeeling. You can feel compassion, love, caring and sympathy without suffering. There are many very compassionate people in the world who are not empaths.

In fact, some of those who have done the most humane work for mankind have not been empaths. Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela were all extremely effective and powerful ambassadors of love, who did amazing work for those who were suffering — none of them were empaths. The truth is, as an empath you have a limit to what you’re able to do to actually help those who need it.

When you’re feeling what they’re feeling, it is more difficult to help. It’s like trying to help someone who is stuck in a deep hole. Getting into the hole with them (feeling what they’re feeling) will mean you’re both stuck in the hole. Staying outside the hole (feeling compassion and caring without actually feeling their pain) and throwing them a lifeline will put you in a stronger position to help them to get out of the hole.

How to Set Yourself Free

The first step (and the most important one) is to make the decision to set yourself free. It is entirely your choice. If you’re happy as you are, then of course you won’t want to make the changes; but if you want to be free from the emotional pain, and effects it has on your life, you now have the opportunity and the method to achieve that freedom.

The second step is to use the FasterEFT process to change the original subconscious program that is causing your response to the emotions of others. Start by thinking of the first time you remember feeling someone else’s pain. It doesn’t need to be the very first time it happened, just the first time you can remember. Then, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and go back to that moment.

Notice how you knew how the person was feeling. Notice what you saw, heard and felt. Notice where in your body you felt the feeling and how strong it feels now. Then follow the steps in the guide: The FasterEFT Technique — Step-by-Step to flip that memory. Make sure you don’t stop just because the feeling reduces; you need to completely flip the memory for it to work with lasting results. To find out why and how to flip a memory, read: Why do We Flip Memories in FasterEFT?

After you’ve flipped that early memory, go to the next one you can remember, and see if it still has an emotional charge –even if it’s just a faint emotion — and do the same with that one. Once you’ve cleared those you can remember, go to your most recent experience with emotional sensitivity, and notice if it still feels the same or if it’s changed. Notice whatever emotions are left, and then use the FasterEFT process to clear and flip those.

Then, from now on, whenever you find yourself experiencing emotional sensitivity, use the FasterEFT technique in the moment to free yourself. If there are people around, or some other reason you can’t tap physically, useMental Tappinginstead.

For more information on empowering yourself using FasterEFT, visit: The FasterEFT System and read: How to Change Your Reality Using FasterEFT.

To watch videos of others benefiting from FasterEFT, visit the FasterEFT in Action Playlist.

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