Faster EFT Shares the Key to Increase Willpower to Resist Temptation

How strong is your willpower? It probably varies depending on the situation, how tired you are, whether you’re hungry, how you’re feeling emotionally, and a range of other factors. Learning how to increase willpower easily takes just a little understanding and a simple technique.

Studies have shown that our willpower is stronger when we’re well-rested, our brains have the nutrients they need, and when we’re feeling good about ourselves. It has also been discovered that the more forgiving we are of ourselves when we fail, the more likely we are to succeed next time. All of this can help; but the key to increasing your willpower easily is in changing therecord your subconscious holds at the source.


How to Increase Willpower Effectively and Easily

The combination of changing the original subconscious records and making the adjustments above is the most powerful way to create lasting, unstoppable willpower. Whether you want to use your willpower to stop a habit you knowis not good for you or to take action you know would be good for you, rather than trying to force yourself to go against the way you are feeling at the time, there is a way to change your willpower to willingness. You can in fact replace the need for willpower with a genuine desire that will make your decisions, choices and actions automatic.

The Effective Way to Increase Your Willpower

Let’s use an example that is quite common: resisting donuts. You’ve decided you want to lose weight or just get healthier and feel better; so you’ve made the conscious decision that you will not eat donuts at work anymore. Even though they’re right in front of you, and everyone else is eating them. This is a really difficult choice since you love donuts. So, when you see the donuts, and you see others eating them, you force yourself to resist…. And sometimes you just can’t, and so you end up eating a donut (or two).

This makes you feel bad about yourself; so you end up stopping off for pizza on the way home to save yourself from having to cook — you might as well, since you’ve already fallen off the wagon with the donuts. You’ll start tomorrow. And so the cycle repeats. You may be able to resist the donuts for a while; but when you haven’t had much sleep, or you’re feeling stressed it will be almost impossible.

Here’s the solution that will last, and will make resisting those donuts effortless:

Step One

Think about donuts right now (or whatever it is you want to be able to resist). What is it you like about them? You can taste them, even just by thinking about them, right? Think about the sweetness, the texture, and everything else you like about them. How much do you like them, and how much do you want one right now? Do the same with whatever it is you want to resist — what is it about that thing that makes it irresistible to you? Notice how you know you find it hard to resist.

Step Two

Use the FasterEFT technique explained in: The FasterEFT Technique — Step-by-Step. Go through the routine until you have flipped your taste for donuts (or your desire for whatever it is you want to resist).

Step Three

Replace donuts with a healthy alternative. Pick something that you will be able to have available at the time when you would normally eat a donut.

Step Four

When you see the donuts, if you’ve done Step Two correctly, you should no longer want them (I know that may sound unbelievable, but try it and see!). If you do find twinges of desire remaining (these may be caused by factors other than the taste of the donuts — wanting to fit it socially, for example, if everyone else is eating them) use the FasterEFT tapping technique to clear whatever it is until you no longer feel the desire. And enjoy your healthy replacement.

Step Five

Tap out any resistance you may feel to this choice, using the FasterEFT technique.

Use it on Anything and Everything!

This is not only relevant to food — we used the donuts as an example. You can use the same technique and process on anything that you find difficult to resist — from people, to hitting the snooze button every morning until you’re running late.

Important Points to Remember:

* If you find yourself giving in and going ahead with the behavior you wanted to void, tap on any feelings of guilt, disappointment or frustration. Studies have shown that feeling bad about failing increases your chances (and the size) of failing in the future. Forgive yourself, and say to yourself the same encouraging phrases you would say to a friend. And tap the bad feelings out.

* Make sure you repeat the FasterEFT process until all sign of the resistance or desire is gone. Read: Why do We Flip Memories in FasterEFT to find out how important it is to keep going until you have completely changed your representation of the thing you are tempted by.

* Use this technique for each temptation you want to resist. This is not a “one-size-fits-all” cure. Although you may find that changing your compulsion to eat potato chips also results in losing your craving for chocolate, it doesn’t always work that way. It will depend on what the original records are that your subconscious holds, and whether they are connected or not. Different feelings of temptation may be caused by different original records. If you are still tempted by something, tap until the temptation has completely gone.

For more information on using FasterEFT to solve all problems from the inside out, visit:The FasterEFT Belief System and Tips on Using FasterEFT.

To watch videos of how this technique works on removing food cravings, visit the FasterEFT for Addictions and Bad Habits YouTube Playlist

Originally published at on February 25, 2016.

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