Gaining Mental Clarity Through Faster EFT

Whether you need to make a difficult decision or you are feeling confused and about a challenging situation, gaining mental clarity can help you to see solutions, options and opportunities you were not aware of before.

Being able to think clearly gives you the ability to see more and comprehend more thoroughly. You can use FasterEFT to improve your cognitive thinking, which will allow you to think more efficiently and more clearly.

The Effects of Stress on Cognitive Thinking

When your body is in a state of stress, the fight, freeze or flight response has kicked in; and this affects various systems within your body and brain. The stress hormones that flood your bloodstream during times of stress (which includes negative emotional states) cause the body to go into an emergency state just as it would if you were being threatened by a wild animal.

In addition to an increase in your heart rate and the blood being pumped away from your organs to your extremities (for running away or fighting), the activity in the prefrontal cortex of your brain minimizes. The prefrontal cortex is where your cognitive thinking happens. This is where you do you problem-solving, comprehending, reasoning and other executive functioning.

With the activity in this area of the brain reduced, your thinking is impaired and can be foggy and confused. This is why you should never make important decisions when you are in a negative emotional state or any other state of stress.

How to Use FasterEFT to Improve Mental Clarity

Step One

Take a moment to think about what is bothering you at the moment. Is it a situation? Is there an issue with a person? Are you worried about something? Just notice what you’re feeling right now. You may not know what’s bothering you, or you may not know what you’re feeling — and that’s okay, just notice it.

Step Two

Use two fingers to gently tap the following meridian points while focusing specifically on the feeling of your fingertips on your skin and saying thephrases.

– Between your eyebrows — I release and let it go

– Beside your eye — It’s okay to let this go

– Under your eye — I don’t need this anymore and it’s safe to let it go now

– Just below your collarbone — I’m okay as I’m letting it all go now

Step Three

Grab your wrist and take a deep breath. Say “Peace” and go to a peaceful memory. Feel the feeling of being in that peaceful memory and enjoy it for a moment.

Step Four

Now go back to whatever it was that was bothering you, and notice what’s different. Has the feeling changed? Has it moved to a different position in your body? Has the intensity changed? Also notice any thoughts or memories that come up. Just notice.

Step Five

Now, go back to Step Two and repeat the steps to Step Four. Keep repeating these steps until you no longer feel the bad feelings, and until all bad feelings and thoughts have flipped. For more information on flipping memories, read:Why do We Flip Memories in FasterEFT?

Step Six

Once all negative feelings have been replaced with peace, love, gratitude, joy, or any other positive feelings, turn your focus to the issue you need clarity in. Notice if there is any fogginess, resistance or confusion. If there is, just notice it; and then repeat Steps Two to Four again until the confusion has been replaced with clarity.

The Keys to Success

* It is very important that you keep going until the negative feelings, thoughts and memories have completely flipped and been replaced with positive ones.

* If you feel the process is not working for you, or you are tempted to stop before you’ve completed it, take a break from it to read: What You Need to Know About Resistance.

* Once you have completed the process, make sure that you use the technique regularly — whenever anything bothers you. Keeping yourself clear of negative thoughts, feelings and memories will help you to remain in peak mental condition. Use FasterEFT on anything that bothers you — whether it’s a thought or memory, a physical pain or discomfort, or something that someone said or did that bothers you — use it in the moment for the fastest and most effective results. You can use Mental Tapping if you are unable to tap physically because you’re in public or doing something else at the time.

* The sooner you nip a problem in the bud, the quicker you will be able to resolve it. Use the technique at the first sign of a problem, and use it until there is no trace of the associated feelings, thoughts and memories remaining.

For more information on how and why FasterEFT works visit: The FasterEFT Belief System.

For more guidance on the technique itself, visit: Tips on Using FasterEFT.

To see FasterEFT in action, watch the videos in the FasterEFT in Action Playlist.

Originally published at on February 25, 2016.


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