Discover Why FasterEFT is the Best Anxiety Remedy

FasterEFT is a Ground-breaking Approach to Deal with Anxiety Disorders

FasterEFT is the Best Anxiety Remedy to Help Ordinary People.

asterEFT is a ground-breaking approach to deal with anxiety disorders. The primary reason that makes this approach to handle anxiety disorders effectively is because it gets rid of the problem from where it is rooted, rather than just addressing signs and symptoms.

Anxiety disorders goes beyond the normal feeling of anxiousness. The disorders can cause such distress that may lead to a person not having a normal healthy life.

Constant worry, fear and feeling overwhelmed can disable someone from progressing in their lives and live a healthy life. FasterEFT is the best anxiety remedy suitable for anyone who wish to be liberated from anxiety disorders and get back to a normal fulfilling life.

Different Types of Anxiety Disorders

Social Anxiety Disorder

Another common term for this anxiety disorder is social phobia. When the fear of being judged by other people and being overly conscious about self begins to encompass overwhelming worry, it needs to be addressed right away.

However, people who have social anxiety disorder often live within denial, because of the fear of being judged for having a disorder. They often call for help only when the effects of social anxiety disorder have taken control over their lives.

The FasterEFT approach in handling social anxiety disorder will be total liberation from where it is rooted deep within the layers of consciousness and reprogramming the mind. This will be further explained in detail later.

Panic Disorder

People suffering from this disorder are known to experience repetitive and sudden feelings of terror. While it is normal for most people to have a sudden feeling of panic, those who were diagnosed with panic disorder experience this without warning and in extremes.

Among the lengthy list of symptoms are:

  1. Sweating
  2. Chest pain
  3. Unusually irregular and strong heartbeats
  4. Feeling of choking.

The feeling may be similar to having a heart attack or best described by others as going crazy because they understand that there is no reason to panic. The Faster EFT approach on the matter deals with why the brain triggers “panic”causing body organs to misbehave. Faster EFT deals not only with the psychological triggers causing someone to panic. In fact, FasterEFT directly deals what causes the triggers from the data contained within the layers of our consciousness.

Specific Phobias

This disorder is characterized by intense fears over objects or situations, for example, spiders and flying. The level of fear among people suffering from phobias is generally inappropriate to the situation. Because of the intensity of fear, people with phobias may not be able to lead a healthy life and perform in everyday situations.

FasterEFT deals with the root cause of the phobia freeing the person’s negative attachment to the situation or object. Click here to see our collection of materials regarding phobias.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

The excessive tension combined with unrealistic worry even when there is nothing provoking such intense negative emotions fall under generalized anxiety disorder.

Deal with stress and anxiety using FasterEFT through these valuable DVDs.

FasterEFT’s Understanding of Anxiety

Anxiety is when the body is in an emergency stress state without reason. When the body’s fight or flight system is provoked by the memories or “data” we hold within the layers of our consciousness. Resulting when the fight or flight system is triggered, is the release of hormones that directly affects the body.

In cases there are real threats, anxiety is the normal response of the body to protect oneself. With anxiety disorders the occurrence of the symptoms are often without realistic threats. The reason behind this is because of what is going on within our minds.

It is rooted deep within our subconscious then our active minds interpret it as real. It then triggers the automatic response system of the body to react, releasing hormones and changing bodily functions.

An advice of a health professional is necessary to determine whether someone is suffering from an anxiety disorder. However, the Faster EFT process will help an individual find relief with long term effects.

Try FasterEFT’s Process to Overcome Anxiety Disorder

Step 1

Recognize how you know you are suffering from anxiety. If you are having and anxiety attach, notice how it feels like. In case you are currently not under an attack while trying this, remember how you felt the last time you felt anxious and notice what it truly feels like. Notice where exactly in your body you feel most of the reaction and tension and its intensity.

Step 2

Using two fingers, while focusing on the feeling of your fingers against your skin. Gently tap the following points while saying the corresponding phrases:

  1. Tap between your eyebrows and say “I release and let this go
  2. Tap beside your eye and say “Let it go
  3. Tap under the eye and say “It’s safe to let it go
  4. Tap just below the collarbone and say — “Just let it all go

Step 3

Grab your wrist, take a deep breath and blow it out and say “Peace”. Allow your mind to go to a peaceful memory, a place in your memory that feels really good.

It doesn’t even have to be a real memory. It can be a dream or a place you would really love to be. Just focus on a place that can make you really feel good, happy and peaceful.

Step 4

Go back to the feeling of anxiety and notice the changes. If you notice a change, recognize whatever feeling related to anxiety is still left. Then repeat the process mentioned in step 2 to step 4. Keep repeating the steps until all the symptoms of anxiety is no longer active.

Things to Remember in Achieving Success with FasterEFT:

  1. Do not stop until there are no recognizable symptoms and the feelings of anxiousness and related emotions triggering it has gone.
  2. While tapping you will discover thoughts and revisit memories. It may seem that these memories are no related to your anxiety but they are present because somehow some of those memories and thoughts are connected to the root of the problem and the records held within your subconscious.

Notice them; what you see, hear, feel and then tap again. Keep tapping until those memories and thoughts flip.

  1. Keep using this technique every time you start to feel anxious. It is best you don’t wait until the feeling of anxiety intensifies. You should start tapping as soon as you feel the first signs. Getting rid of it before it gets strong is the most effective way to get rid of it.

Faster EFT will definitely make some permanent changes in the records you hold within your subconscious that causes extreme anxiety. Suggested reading on this is The Real Cause of All Your Problems, which will definitely help you understand and gain insights about yourself.

The videos in the YouTube Playlist below will show you FasterEFT in action and valuable tips on using faster EFT directly from Robert G. Smith. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on any update. Please check and follow our Twitter account and our Medium Publication.

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