FasterEFT is Making the World a Better Place One Tap at a Time

FasterEFT, short for Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations, developed by its founder Robert G. Smith is changing lives of people around the world. The main reason the program has high success rates and gained popularity is because it integrates active elements of EFT, BSFF and NLP. Moreover, it takes into account spiritual understanding together with the ability of the mind to transform itself.

The tapping methods introduced and taught in Faster EFT uses simple protocols that produces profound results compared to any other program before it.

FasterEFT is a multidisciplinary alternative healing intervention programaccording to Robert Smith. The reason behind this is because FasterEFT incorporates effective elements of various holistic healing strategies, both known in Eastern Medicineand Western Medicine.

Is FasterEFT an Effective Healing Alternative Intervention?

FasterEFT is backed with so many success testimonials from ordinary people who have struggled to heal emotionally, physically and mentally.

Of course it is not easy for anyone to simply subscribe to a belief model without knowing the reasons behind why Faster EFT is an effective healing alternative.

The primary reason it works is because it is more focused in dealing with the problem rather than solving only the signs and symptoms. In other words, it deals with the roots of certain disorders, may it be physical, psychological or emotional and alter the minds perception of it. It is among the most effective holistic approach in dealing with common and complex illnesses.

It is common knowledge that the mind is abstract and intangible, while the brain may be physical, the mind isn’t. The mind contains complex information that serves as the guide for our actions, beliefs and tendencies.

FasterEFT subscribes to the belief model that while we have these tendencies, we should stop blaming the world about it. It isn’t in our genes, our culture and our nutrition alone. What causes common and complex illnesses is because we hold that “data” active in our thoughts. Giving way for the tendencies to become reality and physically manifest.

The effectivity of fasterEFT resides within the fact that since the mind is involved in actualizing our tendencies, we can control these tendencies, cease or even reverse it.

Tendencies to be physically sick.

Tendencies to be mentally suffering.

Tendencies to be always emotionally suffering.

These tendencies are are among those that fasterEFT effectively solves by finding where it is rooted deep in our consciousness and uprooting them. No other forms of alternative healing have shown results similar to what Robert Smith has brought to us.

FasterEFT and Tapping on Meridian Points

FasterEFT focuses on several points in our body. The meridian points was popularized by Chinese Traditional Medicine. For thousands of years it is the basis for curing diseases. While the meridian points popularized by Eastern Medicine has been beneficial, there are other aspects that FasterEFT would like to introduce and make use of these channels to better address health issues of all sorts.

Tapping into certain meridian points using Faster EFT techniques interrupts the signal between the brain and the organs that are triggered or affected. By tapping into these points using FasterEFT technique anyone can rewrite or change their perception about the triggers.

In other words, if you have tendency to be angry because you have trained your mind over the years to respond in anger to a particular stimulus. In application of fasterEFT you can change your perception of anger and learn how to ignore what triggers you to be angry.

What are the Dangers of FasterEFT?

Robert G. Smith built FasterEFT from various healing modalities while revolutionizing them to ensure they are noninvasive and danger free. FasterEFT aims to reduce and eliminate suffering and not further inflict it. The ultimate goal of Robert Smith is to liberate people from many forms of suffering with the use of Faster EFT. Not only are there no risks, but he also provides systematic coaching for all levels of practitioners.

In fact, anyone can benefit with fasterEFT because of the following:

  • FasterEFT is a very positive experience. It allows a person to gain insights about themselves and promotes mindfulness and relieve stress.
  • There is high success rate in resolving common and complex physical and psychological issues.
  • Recovery from illnesses is fast and relief from signs and symptoms are long lasting compared to other forms of healing alternatives.
  • Noninvasive
  • No drugs and medical equipment involved.


FasterEFT transforms lives, provides an alternative healing methods for all types of illnesses. There are notable differences between FasterEFT and other forms of holistic healing methods. The approach that the body can heal itself and the mind is in charge of everything in our lives, good and bad, is what makes this kind of healing highly effective.

Have you had experiences in similar forms of holistic healing? If you are current Faster EFT practitioner, it would be nice if you can share your experiences in the comments below.

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