10 Must Read Articles by Faster EFT on Overcoming Addictions

The best thing about Faster EFT in handling addiction is that it has a clear understanding on how common and complex problems, especially how addiction is structured in the mind. Because of this, it has a thorough understanding of how the mind works and how it can help anyone suffering from addiction.

Unlike other mind-body healing systems, FasterEFT works with the mind and not only with the symptoms. Faster EFT techniques can help collapse the negative thought structure leading to addiction by first allow you to understand where it is rooted within the subconscious.

Here are 10 must read articles by FasterEFT about addiction:

1. The Faster EFT Architecture of Sustainable Happiness

The Faster EFT process aims not only to free us from pain and suffering but for us to be able to sustain happiness within our lives. In greater understanding that happiness yields immeasurable rewards it can help align the mind, body and soul towards leading a significant life experience. This article discusses in detail how FasterEFT is designed to bring sustainable happiness and how it is possible.

2. How to Stop Smoking using FasterEFT

Smoking have very bad effects on the body, yet among addictions it is something that is widely accepted since it is accepted as an acceptable part of someone’s lifestyle. Because of this it is hard for someone to quit, not only because of the withdrawals but ultimately because how the mind has programmed itself to give in to the impulse to smoke every time.

There are plenty of psychological treatments that aids to help someone quit smoking, yet in reality, not everything works for everyone. This article discusses why Faster EFT is best in quitting smoking and why it has a stunning success rate among people who quit smoking by using FasterEFT techniques on addiction.

3. How to Overcome a Shopping Addiction

Do you find yourself unable to resist shopping even of things you practically understand you don’t need? This article will give you a better understanding about shopping addiction and how you can resist the temptation. It will provide you clarity on how shopping addiction works within the mind for you to be able to map out where it is rooted and how you can get rid of it.

4. How to Get Rid of a Chocolate Addiction with FasterEFT

Discover why chocolate is addictive for some people and why it isn’t the substance in chocolate that is addictive but actually how the mind perceives chocolate consumption. For people who are struggling with weight issues this is a good read even if it isn’t particularly chocolate that you are addicted to.

 5. How to Get Rid of a Fantasy Addiction Through Faster EFT

If fantasizing about things starts to get in the way of your perception about reality, then this article is truly a must read. Whether your fantasy addiction is about your profession, social lives, romantic fantasies and others, FasterEFT can help you snap out of it if has started to take over your life leading you to feel negative or frustrated about the reality.

7. Faster EFT Helps in Getting Over Social Media Addiction

Today, social media is among the most addictive things not only for the younger generations but for adults as well. The unnecessary interactions in social media that has negative impact on the mind causes addiction and often becomes a precursor to become lazy or inability to keep focus on more productive activities. This article will teach you how to break free from social media addiction.

8. Faster EFT: Need Help Because You’re Hooked on Commenting in Social Media?

Just like what was mentioned earlier, social media interactions, especially commenting can be quite addictive, often we participate in collaboration on the most unnecessary and unproductive posts. This post is talking about mostly on how you can stop the urge to comment and participate on sharing posts you practically understand through common sense, that are not productive.

9. How FasterEFT Works for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Robert Smith often travels to Hawaii to train and help people at the Habilitat Rehabilitation facility. This is one of his posts sharing his adventure and explains why Faster EFT works so good in overcoming drug and alcohol addiction.

10. 10 Things Happy People Using FasterEFT Do Differently

Discover the 10 things people who discovered happiness through FasterEFT does differently. The power of Faster EFT in allowing natural and powerful life transformations is undeniable. It has helped thousands of people become happier and let go of their old habits and memories of painful experiences that does not benefit their lives.

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