14 FasterEFT Stress-Related Articles

FasterEFT is committed to provide only the most relevant information about tapping away stress. We thank everyone for having been avid followers of our blog and for continuously sharing our articles across the web. As always, we will try our very best deliver only valuable articles, tips and stories and promise to regularly update our main blog and other external publications to reach everyone across platforms.

We wish to deliver the best tips and information on how you can use FasterEFT to outsmart stress and be able to realize a happy stress-free life.


The following are the 14 best stress-related articles published by FasterEFT:

1. How FasterEFT Ends Traumatic Stress Responses

Faster EFT is a healing process with a complete understanding on how our common problems and disorders due to stress are structured in our minds. Because of this, it became one the most effective mind-body healing modality distinguished to deliver results since Robert Smith first developed and introduced it.

Traumatic Stress Responses, under which PTSD falls under is among disorders that FasterEFT works best. Whether it is minor stress issues or complex disorders, Faster EFT can help.

2. Coping with Day-to-Day Stress – Free Yourself Using FasterEFT!

Contrary to common belief, day-to-day stress is not normal, and should never be ignored. There are serious health risks that are rooted from day-to-day stress. In reality, stress is a component of over 70 percent of illnesses known to man. When you are dealing with stress on a daily basis, it will be a little hard to secure a happy life.

There are plenty of ways to outsmart stress temporarily. However, temporary might mean only a few minutes, hours, or weeks. Learn how to outsmart stress using FasterEFT and get rid of its root causes.

3. From Stress, Sadness and Shame to Happiness – FasterEFT and Kids – Sara’s Story

Learn from the story of Sara Prové, a speech therapist who works with young adults with mild to moderate mental retardation. Discover how she used FasterEFT to change lives and turn it on the right track.

This is a truly inspiring story that will get you into thinking, why you are still not learning how to use Faster EFT to deal with you issues.

4. How to Get Rid of Stress using FasterEFT

If your body is always in a stressed state, it can take its toll on the brain and the body. Learn how to not allow stress affect your work performance, decision making, physical health and many more. Stress’s effects on the body and brain may vary from one person to another, learn the signs and get rid of stress before it becomes serious.

5. The Real Cause of All Stress

Discover the real cause of all stress. How to collapse the whole structure of stress from deep within the mind and stop your body from going through a negative state. Ever wondered why there are things that you consider stressful and others seems to not be affected by it? That is because we have varied responses to experiences. This article will explain more.

6. From Stress to Success – Kim Jewell

This is not really a blog post or an article but worth including in this list. From Stress to Success is a wonderful book to learn the inner workings of the unconscious mind and how it influences our every action and reaction to everything. This book reveals the secrets to mental and emotional freedom.

7. The Faster EFT Architecture of Sustainable Happiness

Outsmart stress by learning the architecture of sustainable happiness within the Faster EFT belief system. Everything that you consider stressful has an effect in building sustainable happiness in your life. This article is a recommended read to better understand how we can sustain happiness in our daily lives.

8. 6 Scientifically Proven FasterEFT Life Hacks That Promote Happiness

When stress seems to be getting the best of you, it is best to eradicate what is causing it from the mind. Everything has its root in the mind because this is a mental universe. This scientifically proven life hacks are within the Faster EFT belief system and techniques and can definitely help you outsmart stress immediately.

9. The Acupressure Points Tapped in FasterEFT Explained

The acupressure points have long been used to heal the body. In fact, for thousands of years since the earliest Chinese civilization. The meridian points used in FasterEFT is best discussed in this article in details. Discover how Faster EFT meridian tapping differs from other healing process that also involves use of the body’s energy system and acupuncture points.

10. FasterEFT on Healing Your Body, Mind and Soul

Stress can cause mental congestion and also out your physical health at risk. But the effects of stress can lead up to dimming your spirit’s light and might cause eventual feeling of losing. Highly stressed people are known to give up more easily on tasks and find it hard to focus. Learn how to heal your mind, body and spirit through this article and see how you can benefit from Faster EFT.

11. What Happens to Your Brain with Faster EFT?

Discover what happens to the brain when the Faster EFT techniques to relieve stress is applied. The Faster EFT process will help anyone who is having a hard time to cope with stress to reset their mind, feel deep calm and allow realignment to wellbeing. When the mind is calm, the body follows.

12. Robert Smith FasterEFT Can Change The Way You Handle Anger

Stress often leads to depression or anger, or both — plus many more negative reactions. Learn how to stop stress the moment you notice it to avoid resulting to anger. In this article Robert Smith through his works in developing Faster EFT shares the best way to deal with anger.

13. How to Use FasterEFT When Feeling Overwhelmed

Getting overwhelmed can lead to a variety of unpleasant risks on the body and mind. Discover why being overwhelmed is more than just having too much on your plate and is actually a sign that your organizational skills is poor and how FasterEFT can restore your focus.

14. Are You Staying Focused?

Is stress causing you to lose your focus on things that truly matter? This article talks about how you can properly collapse the structure of your problems causing you stress from deep within the mind through techniques used in Faster EFT.

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